In addition to the shooting experience, our shooting range offers other useful and intriguing services to our clients.


In addition to shooting experiences, our shooting range also provides the opportunity to celebrate special life events with loved ones. We offer spacious party rooms, sauna facilities and, if needed, catering services from nearby restaurants such as Sardiinid, Kalevi Jahtklubi Resto, Lahe Kohvik and more.

Bachelor Party

Are you looking for wild ideas to celebrate your friend's last official bachelorhood? An experience that will be remembered even on his 10th wedding anniversary? You're in the right place!

We have put together an awesome package for you, with everything included. All you need to do is gather your group and come on over! The bachelor package includes:

  • - 1-2 hours of shooting with various firearms in the shooting range, depending on the number of people
  • - We'll talk a bit about the history of firearms, but don't worry, it won't be boring. We promise an interesting and engaging presentation. We'll teach you the proper shooting techniques and stance, and finally, you'll have the opportunity to shoot our assortment of firearms with different models. Each one cooler than the last!
  • - If you have a specific firearm in mind that you'd like to experience, let us know!
  • - To add more excitement to the evening, we offer a collaboration with for a yacht trip.

We are located next to Pirita Marina, and after the shooting experience, you can head out to the sea for 1.5 hours with your friends, enjoying the sea air and good company. On the yacht, you will also find catering (drinks and food), which you can choose according to your taste and preferences.

Upon returning from the sea, if you wish, there is a sauna available at the shooting range with a lounge area, where you can relax and share your shooting experience and time at sea with your group. Cold beers and snacks will be waiting for you in the sauna if you're interested.
Bachelor ready for first shot
Bachelor having fun
Instructor teaching bachelor

Bachelorette Party

Your friend's wedding is a major life event that deserves a memorable celebration. If you know that a strip club is not your friend's taste but she still loves excitement, you've come to the right place!

The extreme bride package includes:

  • - 1-2 hours of shooting experience with firearms in the shooting range, depending on the group size. Previous shooting experience is not necessary, and you don't have to be afraid either. By the way, we have an awesome female instructor who will make the experience enjoyable and memorable for your group.
  • - We'll start by talking a bit about the history of firearms, but we won't make it a long and boring lecture. We promise.
  • - Then we'll explain the shooting techniques and teach you the proper stance.
  • - We'll go over the basics of safety.

And you'll be ready to have the most extreme experience of your life, guaranteeing a rush of excitement and adrenaline. You'll get to shoot different firearms, each one more awesome than the last. Officially Bond girls!

To add mood and a touch of romance to the evening, we collaborate with and offer you an additional 1.5-hour yacht trip on Tallinn Bay after the shooting experience. The picturesque sea view, fresh sea air, and good company will create an unforgettable bachelorette party to be remembered on every anniversary.

If desired, food and drinks will also be available on the yacht, which you can choose according to your taste in advance.
Bachelorette party
Female ready to fire a gun
Bachelorette ready to start shooting at the shooting range

Birthday Parties

Have your birthdays been mostly at home or limited to restaurant visits in recent years, and now you'd like to do something active and exciting for a change? Shooting firearms at the shooting range is undoubtedly a great idea to get your guests excited and break free from the routine.

Come visit us with your group to our spacious and cool-looking shooting range, where you'll have an incredibly cool experience. Previous shooting experience is not necessary.

  • - We'll introduce you to the history of firearms
  • - We'll talk about the basics of safety
  • - We'll teach you shooting techniques and proper stance

And the thrilling shooting practice can begin!

If you have previous experience with firearms and would like to challenge yourself, we also offer friendly shooting competitions. The star of the group will be determined by counting the points.

We'll take care of the catering as well. We'll set up a table for you and your guests, where you can enjoy delicious dishes and drinks after the shooting experience, and share your shooting experiences that made you feel alive again.
Birthday party people taking a group selfie
Birthday girl picking guns to shoot
Female holding rocket launcher

Corporate Events

Tired of being in the office and want a change from the usual work environment? Or are there new members in the team who haven't had a chance to bond with their colleagues? At GunGarage, we have a cool seminar room that you can use for meetings or year-end reviews. If desired, we can also provide catering and take care of your employees' meals.

Sitting for a long time can make your back stiff and your legs need stretching. We'll introduce your team to the world of firearms as a break.

We'll take you on a journey through history, where you'll learn a lot of interesting facts about why certain firearms are used. But not everything will remain just talk. Let's make it practical!

We'll turn theory into practice, and you and your team will have the opportunity to try shooting with firearms of different calibers, both modern and from different historical periods. The selection is wide and suitable for every taste.

We'll end the event with our sauna, where sauna steam and shared experiences from the day will bring your team closer together.
Man in a smoking holding a Thompson
Female shooting a Glock pistol
Female holding an Alien pistol

Shooting Competitions for Friends

Are you familiar with the world of firearms and want to challenge yourself with your friends?

An adrenaline-filled shooting competition at the GunGarage shooting range is an exciting experience that will bring your group to life. We'll set up tracks for you, testing your firearm handling skills and accuracy.

How good are you really at shooting?

You and your friends will have the opportunity to try different firearms, both modern and from different historical periods. The selection is wide and suitable for every taste.

Are you ready to take on the challenge?
Female ready to shoot
Photo of shooting range
Photo of shooting target